Sakura Shirogane

oh i forgot abount one acc.. just add a new accesories slot and copy 22 slot and the parametr is 9,5 -6,2. 5.4 / 342 280 345 / 0.25 0.63 0,6
can't seem to get this one to show up. What mods are necessary?
firstly, the version of the game its betterrepack and if zipmod is missing when loading the card, just write me the full name of the file you will see on the screen I will try to send it because otherwise I will not be able to deduce what is missing at the same time I recommend looking at the bepis at what version is a given card because the level of ignorance of users on this site is fucking shocking sometime
Took a little tweaking / resetting - but I got it working in Emotion Creators. Thanks for responding. Any chance you'd create Shirogane for Sunshine?
I rather try not to focus on the kk/kks versions because in my opinion they are simply terrible in the most important aspects but the delusion has a habit of either reheating a cutlet or creating something groundbreaking once in a dozen or so productions but that's just my personal opinion for now I want to focus on finishing joshi lucky and then maybe I'll focus on porting the whole series, although I recommend porting it yourself because it's not difficult, all you need is willingness, especially since you have the skeleton and manually, just rewrite the basic parameters and those from plugins, unpack and import files, etc. This way I'll save a lot of time and I will be able to devote more time to new characters. I would like to create in KK but unfortunately not every mod is compatible with EC later it turns out that I spent 20 hours on the whole project and finally I find out that some files are just incompatible and I'm wasting my time on it please understand me kk it's just a waste of time outdated studio, shit playing, boredom in the H theme and Kplug which is incompatible with many plugins without which running this game makes no sense and no normal person will choose between Kplug and the material editor or possibly other plugins because one gives and the other takes twice as much and fucking authors they preferred to make shitstorms unknowingly hypocritically focusing on their shitty plugin chasing dollars, and the plugin is directed to the community which then has to choose. fucking cabaret
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