Marin Kitagawa

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3/31/2022 4:08:20 PM
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Pixiv: Marin Kitagawa is a slim and above-average height girl with dark pink-colored contacts in her eyes and light skin. Her build is on the thinner side with a small waistline. She has silky blonde hair, tipped with pinkish-red or citrus orange, reaching down around her pelvic region. Her bangs cover a majority of her forehead and eyebrows, reaching around the start of her eyelashes. Two locks of hair also flow over her shoulders and end around her chest region. Her hairstyles include long straight hair, a single ponytail, a double ponytail, a double knot on top, a bun, and a single top ponytail. In terms of gradient, her hair goes from pure blonde at the top and progressively becomes pinkish-red or citrus-orange towards the bottom. She does wear ear piercings which include one ring piercing, three pearl piercings, and an industrial piercing on the left ear and two ring piercings, and one pearl piercing on the right ear. Her fashion sense varies according to where she is. At school, she wears a white button shirt with one chest pocket on her left, a navy blue tie, a plaid skirt, black socks, and brown shoes. She also tends to wear a stretchy black choker, two bracelets on her left arm, and a ring on both her right pinky and left index finger. When she is going somewhere casual, she tends to wear various outfits that fit her liking. Marin is extravagant, messy, and while quite mature, she's also clumsy. She isn't very skilled at handiwork. Marin is a cosplayer and a huge otaku, being a fan of magical girl anime and adult video games. She is very kind, friendly, cheerful, and outgoing. She loves eating but still despite that she manages to maintain her slender figure