Kaneshiro Haruka

Straight out of the doujin!
requires latest https://www.patreon.com/posts/tot-outfits-v4-5-75478971
having one's appetite enticed
You outdone yourself tot
Finally, some good fucking tits
hi link
hi tot
Not loaded
Good card makers are making their own faces, and their cards are no longer faithful to the AA2's faces, which is sucks. We the beginners, or simply not that devouted to create God tier cards, felt unimmersive when our cards, which is obviously Low tier, fucking the higher tier level cards. Since you are tot, the God of modding community for AA2, not faithful to the AA2s face, do you have any guides to creating our own faces or where can we download a collection of those custom faces?
exactly, selfish as always. thank you for sharing the outfits but they are comissioned. I guess you are making a living out of this. by not sharing the resources and what you know for creating God tier cards, I guess we who follows you will be forever stuck at being suck at it and be just Low tier creators
vespa what the actual fuck are you on about. The comment section on cards is not a functional message board. If you have a question about AAU modding you should head to the AAU modding discord. We help people make mods and cards there all the time.
Its so sad that tot died
love tot
Can't use this card, it's not appear in chara list
You know that it's an AA2 card, right?
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