Rimuru Tempest

Use the Japanese MCP v25.1 futa sets for full functionality. https://mega.nz/folder/Q7gmmIKQ#nLBesauyHcxSC1gR6UyLRg
Changelog: Updated texture lsts for hipixel v5 and fixed missing nipple texture in clothing state 3.
Tab and tilde clothing state keys are currently bugged. Use only after changing H position, otherwise subtitles will appear on arms.
Press Backspace to enable hotkeys, and F5-F8 to cycle between Genderless, Female, Male and Futa as well as heights.
Good job buddy. Were can i find the Delinquent Personality. Ty
Thanks! Delinquent is available here as a free download: https://www.patreon.com/posts/kk-delinquent-49001808
Hi. How can I install these files and where do I have to copy them? " *.txt, .xx, jg2e05_00_135.pp, jg2p00_00_135, jg2p05_a135_01.pp". thanks for all. for all.
Put the pp files into the data directory. That's all you need for the personality.
I can't get the hotkey style changing to work, are there additional mods needed or does it only work in a specific context?
You need to enable it by pressing Backspace. There's a message that pops up about it if you have subtitles enabled.
It also only works outside of H since the devs disabled style changes there.
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