Daiwa Scarlet

Superb quality and super cute! Amazing work!
Fashionable goes above Date Fashion - that's the golden rule.
Caution: this chara has a date fashion, but AAU won't show it up with current module order, if you want to have it shown properly, put the 'date fashion' module under the 'fashionable' module please
The phenomenon that the tiara floats and sinks a little sometimes occurs. Can I fix it? I feel that it is easy to occur when you change clothes.
Taito32→ Well it probably caused by the bug of popups from additional AAU tab for hair, as far as I know there will be a AAU update sooner or later which has claimed will solve this problem, so be patient
I see, I understand
@Taito32 dll file is already out there
An error occurs when I read the card, it needs to have other expansion components to support?
@s39817026 First please make sure you are playing AA2, then you should get those ppx mod file on mediafire.
Face fix https://drive.google.com/file/d/139xaT_ytpgCGyADD35JTsxsrViz4C5-0/view?usp=share_link
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